Warm brown ceiling extends down to wall in bedroom. Four canoe paddles adorn wall behind bed.


Smokey Topaz

They call it the 5th wall for a reason. Have fun with the ceiling. Here’s a little trick. Bringing the ceiling shade down the wall creates the illusion of a taller ceiling. Use paint to add a faux “trim” as shown here between the Smokey Topaz ceiling and Repose Gray wall. Balance with décor and accessories in coordinating shades from the Collection.


Olive Grove

Softened olive shades become a refreshing new neutral in this kitchen and sophisticated playroom. Inspired by nature, Olive Grove brings a calming sense to any design. In the playroom, using the same color on the walls and ceilings of a vaulted room brings nature in and embraces the space’s height. In the kitchen, Olive Grove cabinets help create a relaxing tone for one of the busiest rooms in the home.


Repose Gray

This light neutral is a smart choice for open floor plans. A monochromatic color on walls and ceilings works well in multi-functional spaces. The neutral also gives a gallery-like presentation for darker wall accessories, doors and trim. An extended view into the wet bar just off the living room demonstrates the visual impact of darker doors (shown here in Tricorn Black). 


Rock Bottom

When looking for design inspiration for a secluded room, consider using dark shades, like Rock Bottom, in a monochromatic way. This approach creates a cozy, comfortable environment for cocooning and getting lost in work or a good book. The same color on the wall, trim and ceiling tricks the eye into seeing a more expansive room by not creating a contrasting stopping point.

Industrial metal and wood bookshelf against dark, cool black wall.
Bright dining room, corner windows, and built-in seating with multiple textured pillows in neutral shades.


Greek Villa

Shades in the white color family, like Greek Villa, create a clean, simple backdrop for an eclectic design aesthetic, mixing accessories and seating of different structures and finishes. Also, because whites reflect light, they help make rooms appear larger and are an intelligent choice for rooms with bright, wide windows.