Bring Your Vision to Life.

Designer-inspired colors

Each of our Color Collections is expertly curated to reflect the most sought-after trends in interior design while matching your individual style. Whether you're looking for the minimal, yet cozy vibes of Rustic Farmhouse or the nostalgic hues Earthy Charm, we have a paint palette for your personality.

Bring harmony to your whole home.

With our Color Collections, all colors work together in any combination so you can mix and match your favorites while maintaining a cohesive design. Our goal is to inspire you to spread beauty throughout your home with confidence. There is no wrong. So pick a palette, pick up your paintbrush and let your creativity flow as you paint on.

Unlock your home’s potential.

Our premium one-coat-coverage paints are formulated for maximum durability. They'll stand up to stains, scuffs and the wear and tear of everyday life. Each of our designer-curated Color Collection’s harmonious flow gives you perfect color matching, allowing you to bring your vision to life with superior quality paint products you can count on.