Spec Right Interior Paint

Spec Right Interior Paint is an acrylic latex formula with zero VOC. It's easy to apply and delivers excellent hide and coverage. With exceptional touch-up and a mold- and mildew-resistant finish, this product can be recoated quickly and cleaned up easily with soap and water.

  • Zero VOC
  • Easy Application
  • Excellent Hide and Coverage
  • Exceptional Touch-Up
  • Fast Recoat
  • Spray, Roll Or Brush
  • Provides a Mold- and Mildew-Resistant Finish
  • Easy Cleanup with Soap & Water
  • Acrylic Latex Formula


Eggshell, Flat, Semi-Gloss


1 Gallon, 5 Gallon


300 ft²/gal - 400 ft²/gal

Available exclusively at Lowe's
Free store pickup available.

How to Use

  • Usage
    Properly prepared interior walls and ceilings
  • Prep
    Thoroughly clean the surface and allow to dry. Remove wallpaper and loose, peeling paint. Scrape and sand peeled or damaged paint. Sand glossy surfaces dull.
  • Application
    Stir paint thoroughly. Intermix containers for uniformity. Apply product when surface, air and product temperatures are between 50-90°F. Apply with a premium quality brush, a synthetic roller cover or airless spray (2000 PSI, .015"-.019" tip). Thinning not required. Some deep or bright colors, surface conditions and application techniques may impact coverage and require multiple coats to achieve your optimal coverage.
  • Dry Time
    Dry Time @ 77 °F and 50 % Relative Humidity
    To The Touch: 1 hour - 2 hour
    Recoat: 2 hour - 4 hour
  • Clean-up & Disposal
    Clean up with warm, soapy water. Do not pour unused contents down the drain. Consult with local authorities for proper method of disposal and recycling.
Recommended Coats
1, 2 coats
Dry To the Touch*
1 hour - 2 hour
2 hour - 4 hour
*Dry Time @ 77 °F and 50 % Relative Humidity

Data Sheets

Download the product data sheet (PDS) and safety data sheet (SDS) for this product .

Product Number Sheen Base Container Size SDS PDS
035777987773 Flat Ultra White 1 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987834 Flat Ultra White 5 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987780 Flat Base C 1 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987797 Eggshell Ultra White 1 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987803 Eggshell Base C 1 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987810 Semi-Gloss Ultra White 1 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987827 Semi-Gloss Base C 1 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987841 Eggshell Ultra White 5 Gallon SDS PDS
035777987858 Semi-Gloss Ultra White 5 Gallon SDS PDS

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